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Chandeliers come in many different styles, colors, metal finishes, shapes, sizes, and lamp quantities. Chandeliers can be used in dining rooms, living rooms, entries, kitchen nooks, bedrooms, and exterior living spaces to create and enhance the beauty of your space. For example, the styles available are Victorian, Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Craftsman, Midcentury Modern, Western, Spanish, Mexican, Urban, Coastal, Mountain, Industrial, and Techie. Chandeliers are available in an array of finishes, white, glossy white, pastels, black, satin nickel, bronze, gold, antique silver, silver, mixed metals, hammered, and textured.  Chandeliers are available with standard, candle base, intermediate base, medium base, European base, led modular lamp sockets in a variety of quantities ranging from one light, 2 lights 3 lights, 4 lights, 5 lights, and 6 lights and up.  The average chandelier is 4-6 lights.  

Rustic chandeliers are typically used in Western, Country, and Farmhouse applications.  Generally, these fixtures come in finishes such as black, bronze, hammered, textured, antique silver, or off white, often accented with wood, burlap, and mixed metal finishes.  
Due to all the DIY tv shows, Rustic chandeliers have become a very popular introduction when creating comfortable living spaces.  

These chandeliers emanated out of Murano Italy where glass artisans utilize centuries-old techniques to form handcrafted beautiful blown glass fixtures. The many glass colors, shapes, sizes, and styles were passed down to them from generation to generation.  These beautiful hand-blown pieces of art make a great statement when place in prominent areas such as entry foyers, dining room centerpieces, over a nook table or kitchen island and simply hanging in a bedroom or over a beautiful bathroom tub. These one of kind works of art are unique and no two pieces are alike.

Glass chandeliers come in a variety of glass colors shapes and sizes where glass has been introduced as a decorative element refining a chandelier to give it a unique updated look.  The addition of glass to a chandelier can add either a formal or contemporary ambiance.  These chandeliers can come in numerous glass colors, such as clear, white, red, black, and blue.  The most common is the clear glass.  

Cage chandeliers have made a huge come back in today’s decorative environment and are available in many themes and styles where they can be used to create a particular statement such as country, farmhouse, traditional, transitional, and contemporary themes. These chandeliers originated from bird cages where people would insert a small lighted chandelier within the birdcage. They are available in many sizes and lamping options.  Cages are available with or without glass options such as seeded glass, water glass, and clear glass and opaque.  Mixed metals are widely used, and several cages are now incorporating wood and burlap into their designs.  

Spherical chandeliers have been a popular addition in lighting. These chandeliers are a shift from the typical chandelier they are available in many materials such as hammered, wood, mixed metals and can be adorned with elements such as leaves, crystal, glass ornaments, seashells, and fabric. Spherical chandeliers are a chandelier within a Sphere creating a nice transitional effect or available as a contemporary piece utilizing alternative light sources such as led and adding glass or crystal elements to help create a modern contemporary style.  

With the demand for large rectangular tables, linear chandeliers are in demand more than ever.  Linear chandeliers are available of an array of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, and lamp types. Linear chandeliers fill the space over the table and also distributing a more even light pattern across a wider area. Linear chandeliers have become more popular since the introduction of LED lighting. This is allowed lighting fixture designers to use mixed metals and materials to fashion beautiful sleek and functional fixtures.  

Bubble Chandeliers are a very popular addition to the chandelier category. And are typically made utilizing blown glass techniques whereas oxygen is blown into the molten glass-forming tiny little air pockets while cooling. This technique is found widely in contemporary chandeliers creating awe-inspiring and memorizing works of art. Often lit from above to accentuate the bubbles creating a 3d visual effect. Some bubble chandeliers are made utilizing mercury glass which gives it mirrored silver or black appearance.  

Antler chandeliers are very popular in western, country, and mountain-themed décor.  Antlers are collected from deer, elk, and other horned animals when their antlers are discarded after the mating season.  Some antler chandeliers are artificial manufactured which can help lower the cost of these chandeliers.

Coastal Chandeliers have become widely popular in creating soothing light and airy decorative spaces.  These chandeliers can be made with all types of materials and finishes and are typically adorned with seashells, oyster shells, driftwood, wood, and frosted glass beads.  The use of colored glass accents is also a widely popular feature.  

Mission chandeliers are a very specific time period fixtures creating a timeless old-world feel.  These fixtures are typically made from heavy metals with dark finishes such as bronze, black, and oiled rub bronze. The key element found is heavy hammered finishes.  

Craftsman style
The use of materials such as patina copper or sheet metal in combination with opaque and iridescent mosaic glass with flat, squared, or angular shapes.  These fixtures are typically used to enhance the style of a typical craftsman style home.  

Pendants lights
Pendant lighting can be utilized over kitchen islands, bar counters, dining room tables, entry foyers and recently gaining more popularity to supplement the lighting over bathroom vanities. They are available in singular and multi-point canopy versions. The configurations can be either linear, round, or squared shaped. Singular pendants are mostly utilized over small spaces such as a small island in your kitchen. However, if you have a large area to fill that is when a multi-point canopy can be used to fill a large space such as a large entryway with high ceilings.  

Linear pendant
With the demand for large rectangular islands, linear pendants are in demand more than ever.  These pendants are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and lamp types.    Linear pendants fill the space over an Island or table distributing a more even light pattern across a wider area.  Multi-point Linear pendants are widely popular allowing each pendant to hand at different lengths to create intrigue to your kitchen or dining room.     

Bar pendants are utilized to create soft ambiance lighting.  These accent pieces are used to create and enhance the design style of your room. Single point canopies are widely used for these applications.  A typical pendant hangs just above one’s eyebrows to avoid the pendant from a visual obstacle in the space.

Led pendants
Have become popular and widely used in all applications and is available in an array of styles, shapes, and finishes.  It has also become popular to create clusters or collages with pendants.  LED pendants are available in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, and 5000k color temperatures.  (create hyper link for Kalvin).  

Bowl pendants
Bowl pendants are used over dining room tables, kitchen nooks, island, hallways, and entryways and in bedrooms and bathrooms.  They are available in many different sizes and incorporate many different materials in their design, materials such as onyx, Penn shell, capiz shell, glass, and alabaster are widely used in this category.  Most found in traditional homes; however, the bowl pendants are now becoming more popular in contemporary styles with clean elements.  

Tiffany pendants
These pendants are constructed from art glass and date back to the early days of the Victorian area.  They are unique often works of art and can be very expensive based on the intricacy of the piece and design work.  Often the glass utilized is vibrant colors of red, blue, greens, and yellows.  Often Tiffany depicts themes of flowers, birds, insects such as butterflies, and dragonflies.  

Lamps are part of the portable category in the lighting industry.  Mostly used on nightstands and living rooms for ambiance lighting.  When lamps are used for reading, they require a higher lumen output lamp source and higher Kalvin temperature.  Many different styles, shapes and finishes, and heights are available.  You can change the look of your lamp by simply updating the shade type and color of your shade.  

Nightstand lamps
Nightstand Lamps adorn your bedrooms’ nightstand to create an ambiance for the design of your room.  Typical nightstand lamps are shaded; however, the more modern and industrial style lamps are without shades and illuminated with the Edison style light bulbs that have made a come back in the design of table lamps.
Chic lamps
Chic lamps are also known as the Shabby chic style.  This style is considered to be funky, fun, and creative and brings a flair of design to any room.  Sometimes adorned with fur, rhinestones, studs, fringe, and unique materials.   These are great lamps to utilize in an artsy environment and a young adult’s room.  

Monster lamps
Are a novelty lamp used for children’s rooms or for the big kid in your life! A great addition to a themed room as an accent piece.  There is a huge variety of table lamps designed with animals, fire trucks, boats, sports equipment, and just about any concept your imagination can think of.  

Lava lamps  
Lava Lamps were popular in the ’60s. It is a mixture of colored wax and oil typically heated by an incandescent lamp source to create a gentle movement within the lamp to create a soothing atmosphere.  The wax immolates the motion of flowing lava.  

Coach lamps
Deck lamps
Deck lights enhance the beauty of your patio or deck creating ambiance and soothing light while enjoying the great outdoors patio or deck safely.  Small delicates lights adhere to the columns of your posts to ensure a lighted pathway on your deck or stairway for your family and friends.  

Mariner lamps
Inspired by the coastal elements such as a classic tripod design, vintage nautical searchlights, oil lamps, and can be found with embellishments with marine-grade rope.  A classic marine style that brings a sense of casual elegance and nautical charm to any living space.  

Library lamps
The Library lamp or old banker lamps are the quintessential American lamp used in a home office, library, study, living room, or on top of a piano.  Typically made of antique brass with a marble base.  Usually, the arms and lamp head adjust to allow you to point the light just where you need it.  

Lantern lamps
Lantern lamps are inspired by a Miner’s lantern that usually embraces vintage characteristics and are a great compliment to a room using an industrial, coastal or rustic décor.    In addition to the vintage lanterns, Paper lanterns borrowed from the Orient have shades made of rice paper and dangle ever so gently to give a soft light.  Wood frames with carvings of trees, flowers, and Asian influences utilize rice paper as the background to enhance the patterns under soft light.