When choosing lighting for an interior that you wish to translate into a vibe that is inspired by relaxing near the seaside, keep some things in mind. Whether you live on the coast or are landlocked, most people have similar ideas of what the home decor looks like in a coastal home. The colors thought of are mostly of a neutral palette, ranging from white, beige, light browns, with additional accents of seafoam green, blue, and some range of sky blue. Nowadays, the more modern take is on sticking to mainly neutral colors. Materials that one thinks of are usually natural materials and fibers like linens, raffia, jute, rope, natural woods, and bamboo. The designs appear to be cool-casual, boho chic, light, airy, leaning more on the simple side of things yet beachy chic. A person can choose to decorate for a coastal look either non-traditionally a bit more elegant or decide upon a more modern/rustic non-formal style.

Let's start off by discussing how to include non traditionally elegant coastal lighting.  The first style to tell you about is definitely not your run-of-the-mill coastal lighting fixture. Previously I mentioned the type of materials that are usually known to be included in coastal designs, and wrought iron is not in the list, yet the unusual and eye-catching interesting design of the Currey & Company 9218 Seaward 6 Light Chandelier surely fits very well into the dining room or living room areas due to the created "white coral"  nestled among the six white candelabra lights.


For a more subtle seaside elegance that includes a whitish light and airy fiber fabric in its design, as well as texture finely created from metal, then an excellent choice is the Uttermost 2115 Brandon 3 Light Drum Pendant. Again, this easily belongs in the dining room or living room areas. If lighting is needed in a smaller room though and you want to stick to the same design, it can be done with the matching Uttermost 21856 Brandon 1 Light Drum Mini Pendant.

My last suggestion in this blog for a coastal design that streamlines by focusing on using the color white is again non-traditional in that it is made from metal. And believe it or not, it can easily be used indoors as well as outdoors due to its wet label certification. But what makes it perfect for a coastal theme is its white palm leaf cut-out pattern. Take a look below and see it for yourself! In my next lighting blog for a coastal vibe, I will focus on the modern/rustic non-formal style.